Museum Governance

Board & Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The Pender Islands Museum Society is led by 8 board members. For 2024, these are Simone Marler (President); Kate Waygood (VP); Mary Chamberland (Treasurer); Linda Wein (Secretary); Doug Bolton, Greg Forsyth, Elizabeth Preston, Dianne Wilson (Directors). In April 2018--with regular since then updates--the Board and community stakeholders took part in a strategic planning retreat. The objective was to renew the museum’s mission and map out major goals and priorities for the coming five years. With a flexible plan in place, we look forward to sustaining and growing the museum’s success.

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Our Mission

Our mission establishes the purpose of our museum.

  • Preserve  Pender’s history
  • Tell  the community’s story
  • Collect  Pender’s heritage
  • Show  things worth seeing
  • Celebrate  what make our Islands unique

Our Vision

We aspire to be a great little museum. 

The following messages amplify our vision:

  • We are “the” place to discover Pender stories.
  • We are a special museum about a special island
  • We are valued and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.


Six important values guide the work of the Pender Islands Museum:

  1. Relevant
    This is not a stuffy museum. It does not stand on a pedestal and lecture. It gives a real sense of the people who live(d) on the Penders.
  2. Visitor-centred
    When we make decisions, we keep the visitor’s needs and interests as a primary concern.
  3. Collaborative
    We invite and enjoy working with others - other people, other organizations.
  1. Trusted
    We responsibly care for the heritage resources entrusted to us. We are a trusted source of information about the Islands’ history.
  2. Educational
    We are passionate about sharing our knowledge about the heritage of the Penders.
  3. Welcoming
    We are hospitable and invite exploration and participation by everyone.